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Erick Adame

The weather can be unpredictable and it's my pleasure to make sure you're prepared for whatever comes our way. I take pride in telling a weather story that is not just interesting, but easy to understand. My accuracy is only as good as my ability to communicate the message.

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I have more than 15 years of experience forecasting the weather in the northeast. Whether it's a snow storm, an ice storm, a tornado, or a hurricane, I've been there with just the right tone to tell a compelling story that keeps the viewer informed and engaged.


I also use my time on-the-air to encourage people to take our climate crisis seriously. I believe we have a responsibility to explain how climate change brings stronger storms, changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and much more. 

Some of the many ways that we are harming our planet aren't always that obvious. Whenever I can, I try to show people how they can make changes in their daily routines that could help curb our current path of climate change.

We are beyond the point of stopping many of the impacts of climate change, but we can lessen those impacts by making changes now. We need to act now before it's truly too late.


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